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École de commerce, de communication et de gestion par l'apprentissage,
L'ISD, Institut Supérieur de Développement - Rouen,
UFA public régional de l'Éducation Nationale, est une référence de la formation en alternance.

News Stage professionnel à l'étranger


Stage Camille 1

I worked at Keller Sports, a webshop company selling premium sports products. This company's office is located in Munich, Germany. The company also has a shop in the city center. For my internship, I worked with the Content Management team, updating the webshop daily. This experience gave me a taste of what it is like to work for an e-commerce start-up business.

Stage Camille 2

During this my stay in Germany, I spent a lot of time visiting other countries and cities, such as Prague in the Czech Republic and Salzburg in Austria. My favorite place was Marienplatz, Munich's most beautiful area. It is the ideal location to find amazing German bars, visit many shops and taste traditional dishes. This area is also known for its beautiful buildings and the clock tower, which you can hear ring a few times a day.


Stage Flavien 1

I worked in the United States for 3 months in the company OUTDOOR WOODWORKING specialized in the construction of porches, decks and fences. I had the opportunity to implement the process of tracking the company’s expenses. Behind me, a porch of which I calculated the cost of return.

Stage Flavien 2

Formerly built to accommodate large commercial ships coming from the large lakes to promote international trade, the Navy Pier is today a strong symbol and a meeting place for the city of Chicago.


Stage Charlotte 1

I work for Staycity which is a company that rents apart hotels in Europe (Ireland, Great Britain and France). I do reporting for my colleagues and conduct a competitive pricing study.

Stage Charlotte 2

I went to the University of Dublin which was founded in 1592. This is the Old Library which is one of the libraries entitled to a copy of any book published in Ireland and the United Kingdom.


Stage Aurélien 1

This is the team of the Architect's studio where I was working in Manchester for 3 months. I experienced a rich internship. My mission was to develop the website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I also improved the virtual relationship with our followers on different social networks, for the visibility of the brand. I managed the e-reputation of my boss and of the studio, to attract new clients.

Stage Aurélien 2

Here I am standing in front of a lock on the Manchester Ship Canal. In Manchester, life is punctuated by work, football, music and parties. It’s a special city, with a great history and a typical identity (pop/rock/punk). Mancunians are very close to each other, especially after the terrorist attack in May 2017.

i love MCR.

Romain A

Stage Roman A1

I worked at the Nissan plant in Sunderland, England, where several models such as Qashqai or Juke are built. I was in the Finance department and my work was to support the InHouse team on their tasks.

Stage Romain A2

The City is the geographic center in London. But the City is more popular for being the second financial center of the world. The City is also the historical heart of London with monuments like St Paul’s Cathedral or Tower Bridge.


Stage Killian 1

I worked in Bristol for 3 months in the English language school EC Bristol. Apart from assisting students and staff members, I brought to the school the possibility of improving the monitoring of their activity with financial analysis.

Stage Killian 2

On the occasion of the book launch “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, I had the opportunity to participate in a lot of events about wizards for a weekend in London. I crossed the wall of Platform 9¾ !


Stage Hélène 1

Milton Roy Europe, my French company, gave me the chance to work on an important project, to create a purchasing mutualisation with our Chinese entity. I had the opportunity to work directly on the project with my Chinese colleagues in Shanghai, during this three-month internship.

Stage Hélène 2

This picture was taken from the Bund, the most touristic place in Shanghai from where you can have a nice view of Pudong district, the financial center of Shanghai. The Bund is surrounded by European buildings because of the international influence that occurred during the opium war that opened the Shanghai port to the Westerners.


Stage Malorie 1

EC Language Centres is an English language school. Their schools receive a lot of students from all around the world particularly during the summer when it is the busiest. I carried out my Internship in EC Oxford for 3 months in order to improve my professional and English language skills.

Stage Malorie 2

Oxford is very famous for its many colleges, 38 colleges belong to the University of Oxford. Christ Church College was founded in 1546, it is the most cultural monument and the most aristocratic college of the University of Oxford.


Stage Jean-Baptiste 1

I worked as a financial controller within TE UK in Hastings - an affiliate of the group TE Connectivity. This company makes electrical connectors like TE Evreux but not for the same markets. Every morning, with my colleagues and my manager, we had « a stand-up meeting » in front of the white board to analyze the key figures of the previous day.

Stage Jean-Baptiste 2

Famous for the battle of 1066 opposing the French and the British, Hastings has become a seaside town since the 18th century. Today, the port plays a major role in trade and especially in the fishing industry.


Stage Mélissa 1

I did my internship as a Production Manager for an English company based in Barcelona. Blunt films Ltd is a company, producing music video, commercials, short and feature films. My role as a production manager was to organize the shootings (from the research of the shooting locations, to the management of models contracts). I also assisted the director during the shootings, and was in charge of the e-reputation of the company.

During a shooting for a sun cream commercial, on Sitges beach, near Barcelona. In Blunt Films coworking office with Brendan McNamee, the director and founder of Blunt Films Ltd.

Stage Mélissa 2

The Catalan musical palace (Palau de la Mùsica Catalana in Catalan) was one of my favorite places in Barcelona. It’s a concert hall situated in the district of El Born, imagined by Lluis Domènech i Montaner, one of the main representatives the Catalan modernism. You can attend to all kinds of concerts there. I went to see a trio guitar show which paid tribute to Paco de Lucia, a famous Catalan musician.


Stage Thibault 1

I carried out my internship at Origin8, a leading marketing and advertising agency. For three months I had the opportunity to work under the supervision of a finance team. Through this experience, I was exposed to financial decisions with a lot of missions.

Stage Thibault 2

I visited Kwame Nkrumah Memorial park during my trip to Ghana. I am right in front of the mausoleum of Kwame Nkrumah who was the first president of Ghana. He obtained independence in 1957 and Ghana was one the first independent African nations.


Stage Antoine 1

This is the Lobby of Milton Roy America in Ivyland, USA. Here are the customer service dpt members. Where I implemented the global Management Operating System that Milton Roy has designed for its facilities all around the world.

Stage Antoine 2

This photo was taken on the famous steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, an absolutely amazing place with brand new constructions as opposed to the old Philadelphia built in the late 17th century.


Stage Gregory 1

I worked at Andrew Wallace Architect. I was in charge of communication management and business development for them. On this picture you can see all my colleagues.

Stage Gregory 2

I went to Old Trafford Stadium. In Manchester people idolize Manchester United, especially people from the working class. Everybody watches and talks about football here. Manchester United and football are deeply-rooted in their culture.


Stage Mégane 1

I worked in AGCO, an agricultural equipment manufacturer based in Kenilworth. I did my internship in digital marketing and creative services: creating, supporting and updating the social network, app and website.

Stage Mégane 2

In the 13th century, there was a legend, Lady Godiva. She rode a horse naked in the streets of Coventry to gain a remission of taxation that her husband imposed on his tenants.


Stage Benjamin 1

I worked in Swords close to Dublin for 3 months. As in France my company was Adecco where my principal task was to find some candidates for our clients. Every morning my Branch Manager Lisa gave us the guidelines for the day.

Stage Benjamin 2

I found a basketball team The Swords Thunder based which Dublin who competes in the National League. I practiced with them for the pre-season and I played one game against Richmond Spiders who represent from the University of United States where future NBA players play !