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École de commerce, de communication et de gestion par l'apprentissage,
L'ISD, Institut Supérieur de Développement - Rouen,
UFA public régional de l'Éducation Nationale, est une référence de la formation en alternance.

News Stage professionel à l'étranger - Manager d'affaires


Stage Aurélien 1

This is the team of the Architect's studio where I was working in Manchester for 3 months. I experienced a rich internship. My mission was to develop the website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I also improved the virtual relationship with our followers on different social networks, for the visibility of the brand. I managed the e-reputation of my boss and of the studio, to attract new clients.

Stage Aurélien 2

Here I am standing in front of a lock on the Manchester Ship Canal. In Manchester, life is punctuated by work, football, music and parties. It’s a special city, with a great history and a typical identity (pop/rock/punk). Mancunians are very close to each other, especially after the terrorist attack in May 2017.

i love MCR.