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École de commerce, de communication et de gestion par l'apprentissage,
L'ISD, Institut Supérieur de Développement - Rouen,
UFA public régional de l'Éducation Nationale, est une référence de la formation en alternance.

News Stage professionel à l'étranger - Manager d'affaires


Stage Flavien 1

I worked in the United States for 3 months in the company OUTDOOR WOODWORKING specialized in the construction of porches, decks and fences. I had the opportunity to implement the process of tracking the company’s expenses. Behind me, a porch of which I calculated the cost of return.

Stage Flavien 2

Formerly built to accommodate large commercial ships coming from the large lakes to promote international trade, the Navy Pier is today a strong symbol and a meeting place for the city of Chicago.