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News Stage professionel à l'étranger - Manager d'affaires

Louise-Marie, Purchaser Assistant trainee, Malta



I did my internship in the company BD Electronics in Malta, as a Purchaser Assistant. BD Electronics is specialized in the delivery of electronic components (hard-to-find and obsolete components) in various industries such as medical, military, aerospace, telecommunications etc. My job was to buy electronics components from a panel of international vendors all around the world. The main requirement for this position was strong skills in negotiation, but I also had to learn how to adapt myself to different cultures and ways of work.


Gozo, one of the 21 islands which form the Maltese archipel. On this picture, we can see Behind me, the Shrine of our Lady of Ta’Pinu, is a catholic sanctuary located in Għarb (Gozo). It’s a major place of Maltese pilgrimages. Deeply religious, Maltese people built over centuries a huge number of churches and chapels, rising nowadays more than 360!